What is Sick Leave Bank?

The Sick Leave Bank is the contribution of employees' sick leave days that is used to cover a member's serious illness, accident or injury. The SLB is designed to ease the financial impact of these situations.  The SLB is for employees only-not spouses, children or other family members.  Sick Leave Bank is a voluntary employee sponsored program. For additional information, please refer to CTA Appendix D or OESPA Appendix C contracts.

Am I a member of Sick Leave Bank?

This information is provided on your check stub.
Y=yes or N=No

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What events are covered by the Sick Leave Bank?

Examples include heart attack, cancer, automobile accidents or major surgery.  Normal maternity leave and elective surgery are not covered. The employee must be either hospitalized, homebound under psychiatric care, temporarily totally disabled, and/or not able to perform the activities of daily living.  Sick Leave Bank benefits begin following 15 duty days of absence within a 30 day period or the first day of unpaid leave whichever is later.

Is normal maternity leave covered by Sick Leave Bank?

Normal maternity leave that is not covered includes situations where being homebound is recommended as a precaution to bring the pregnancy to full term.

What is the maximum number of days I can be awarded from the Sick Leave Bank?

The lifetime maximum for any one illness, accident or injury is 100 sick leave days per illness or combination of illnesses.  Effective January 1, 2011, in the event a member draws a total of 100 days over any period of time from SLB, such members shall reinstate their membership by re-establishing  eligibility.

How often do I contribute days?

When you enroll in the Sick Leave Bank, you contribute one day of sick leave.  Whenever the SLB balance falls below 300 days, you are asked to contribute one additional day.  Typically replenishment occurs once a year.

How do I apply for days from the Sick Leave Bank?

Sick Leave Bank does not work like overdraft protection; you have to file a request in order to receive days from the Bank.  If you are a member of the SLB and anticipate using all of your accrued sick leave days, you may apply for SLB days.  Request forms can be mailed or emailed to you by Retirement Services.  The application must be completed in order to be processed by Retirement Services.  The request form can also be found on the Retirement Services website.

How does DROP affect Sick Leave Bank?

If you use the Sick Leave Bank while in DROP, the start date for SLB benefits could be adjusted to reflect the number of hours deposited into your Bencor account.

How do I become a member?

If you have been employed with the school district for one year and have at least six (6) days of accrued sick leave, you may enroll in the Sick Leave Bank by voluntarily contributing one sick leave day to the bank.  Enrollments forms are available during the first 30 days of the Fall and Spring semesters of each school year.  If you are already a member of the Sick Leave Bank then it is not necessary to re-enroll each time.

Does sick leave bank cover an unauthorized leave?

Sick Leave bank does not pay an employee on an authorized leave of absence.

When does Sick Leave Bank pay?

You must be out 15 duty days and have used up all of your sick leave before the bank would start to pay at the earliest on the 16th day that you out.  Sick leave bank will pay your daily rate of pay on your next scheduled day following approval by the bank.  Sick leave bank must receive an updated doctor's note every 30 days in order to continue to be paid by the bank.  The decision of the bank is mailed to the employee and a copy of the letter is sent to the work location.