Dress Code


Clean, appropriate clothing can set the tone for the learning climate. Tennis shoes are the best choice for school activities. We encourage good grooming and a neat appearance. Any student who comes to school dressed inappropriately may be asked to change into more acceptable attire before being admitted to class.
1.     Acceptable attire includes dresses, long pants, shirts, skirts and blouses (pants must be worn to the waist).
2.     Clothes should be clean, neat and hemmed (mended).
3.     Halter tops, or bare midriffs are not allowed. Shirts should be at least “four fingers” wide on the shoulders.
4.      Hats, visors, and other head coverings are not to be brought to school except in cases of inclement weather, and then are not to be worn indoors.
5.      Shoes with backs must be worn at all times at all school functions. Tennis shoes are the best choice for school activities.
6.      No shirts with inappropriate wording should be worn.
7.      Shorts and skirts appropriate for school environment may be worn (finger tip length is required).